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Automate and track your M&A pipeline process.

Transform your M&A pipeline process with M&A Deal Tracker.

Say goodbye to disorganized data and documents scattered throughout your virtual space and hello to effortless and efficient management of your deals.

Our solution lets you track and prioritize deals while making informed investment/divestment decisions. With M&A Deal Tracker, you'll have all the data and insights you need, eliminating the hassle of finding and following up with prospects.

Unite all your teams and departments with our user-friendly app that integrates seamlessly with your Mergers & Acquisitions processes. Start automating your M&A pipeline today with M&A Deal Tracker.

Unlock the potential of your M&A pipeline process with our cutting-edge features, designed to streamline your business flows, assign prospects to specific team members, and provide comprehensive deal visualization from various perspectives. Take advantage of our top-grade features to drive success in your M&A endeavors:

    • Tracking of investment opportunities
    • Centralized & secure access
    • Tracking of SME collaboration
    • Goal setup & tracking
    • Dashboards & reports
    • Streamline process
    • Custom notifications
    • Custom workflows approvals

From secure information, centralized and real-time data, and automated processes, M&A Deal Tracker provides endless benefits for your Mergers & Acquisitions process efficiency:

    • Reduce closing time
    • Boost productivity
    • Anytime access
    • Build smarter relationships through D365 AI tools
    • Easier decision making
    • Communicate easily with prospects
    • Meet investment goals
    • Reduce time spent on the due diligence process

Connect your data and people through M&A Deal Tracker and its cloud-based integrations, mobile-ready, perfect for helping you track your pipeline process.

    • Native integration with Microsoft’s 365 platform
    • Centralize and secure documents through SharePoint Online and Teams
    • Shared notes using OneNote
    • Centralized communication through Microsoft’s Outlook
    • Reporting and analytics with Power BI

Streamline your Mergers & Acquisitions processes with straightforward and efficient team management. Get started by centralizing your business information and enhancing overall efficiency.

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