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Ejada eCRM for Payment Companies

Ejada eCRM For Payment Companies Solution

E-payment CRM integrated solution, it is integrated with many systems including FinTech applications (such as Miza in Egypt, Sadad in KSA) for financial payments and external channels for sales and services management through a set of pre-configured services.
- Providing Sales On-Boarding that capture customers details during sales cycle first as Lead prospect then follows by Opportunity full details where system will enforce business rules for customer validation during Sales onboarding.
- Providing front-end users with Customer 360º that acts as panoramic view for each e-Payment customer which eliminate the need for CRM users to work on different systems for customers they are serving.
- Provide enhanced Case Management solution with configurable Case Catalogue for Services and Complaints ready for e-Payment companies that facilitate case creation process and maintain SLA, Status & ownership accordingly to each case type that provide better customer services.
- Provide Configurable Ready set of Reports and Dashboards covering all needs for sales team including sales goals measurements and also covers all operational services reports needed.

- Provide Configurable Ready set of Notifications Templates for both customers and employees communications handling different events in sales and services cycle.

Business Goals/ Objectives

- Better serving the customer by simplifying the processes and providing user friendly interface with a better user experience which results in a direct cost saving for e-Payment company.

- Reduce the cost of sales and services cycles through stream-lined processes.

- Prioritize sales efforts & e-Payment company activities based on customer value to company.

- Shorten the sale onboarding cycle and increase key sales performance metrics such as revenue per sales and increase close / conversion rate of new customers.

- Assure the captured Leads & Opportunities are fulfilled and not lost between the cracks.

- Achieving better customer experience which will be reflected on customer satisfaction and loyalty to the e-Payment Company.

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