Mine DaIM

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DaIM Audit Mining - Holistic in-depth inspection instead of time-consuming spot checks

Note - DaIM Audit Mining/ Mine DaIM is an integral part of the modular DaIM solutions for management systems quality, environment, information security, occupational health and safety, energy and sustainability.

DaIM Audit Mining uses Microsoft Process Advisor. Optimize your workflows by uncovering bottlenecks in management processes through process mining technology.

Testdrive - You can test all DaIM functions and modules in the preferred DaIM overall solution in the appsource!

Audit your management system in a new dimension. With DaIM Audit Mining, your management system analyzes itself, uncovers process errors, provides their causes and recommends improvements in your management processes. Audit Mining helps you better understand real-world processes by showing the current variation of each process , while keeping track of key process metrics and saving costs with the insights gained.

Highlights of Audit Mining

  • All data inputs and workflows automatically create digital traces in DaIM. With DaIM Audit Mining, this data is used to visually trace management system processes and identify weaknesses. Gain insights into all management system processes and effectively direct resources where they are needed.
  • Discover ways to automate your processes by viewing end-to-end visualizations of each recorded process. Event logs are generated for individual activities. Activities describe tasks or process steps whose sequence makes up a management system process. Activities can be performed by humans or, in the case of automation, by machines. Example: You want to model the complete audit follow-up in audit processes. The process starts with the recording of findings from an audit in DaIM. This is followed by evaluations of the findings, root cause analyses, derivation of corrective and preventive actions, progress checks including status information, execution of effectiveness checks and filing of evidence documentation.
  • Audit Mining automatically generates a process mapping with event logs that visualize the audit follow-up process. You can see how long a single process step takes, how many variations there are in the audit follow-up process, and which variations and process steps take the most time.
  • Different activity combinations and variations are displayed separately in the process map. A process variant is a unique path from start to finish for a particular activity sequence - that is, a "digital trail" through the process with timestamps. Each variant is distinguished from the others by at least one activity. The time reference enables a number of important process key performance indicators (KPIs) and an assessment of the process costs incurred. With this information and the powerful DaIM features, you can change the way your people work, identify opportunities, and make improvements that positively impact your management system.

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