Visitor Management

pateikė Intech Systems Pvt Ltd.

A simple, secure, and digital solution to handle all your visitor’s data.

It is a standard protocol followed by many organizations to make visitors register their details at the reception desk or security gate. However, this is the simplest method to track and manage the data, yet it lacks security as it is accessible by anyone.

Today as many businesses are moving forward towards digitization, it is essential to have a hold on every jot of detail possible. A flexible, precise, and a stand-alone application such as Visitor Management designed and developed by Intech Systems is the solution that covers all processes of handling visitors digitally. Moreover, it can be integrated with your existing ERP solution.

Key features are:

1.       OTP authentication for check-in

2.       Camera functionality for identity proof

3.       Email notifications to the employees on visitor's arrival

4.       Print badge with QR codes for visitors

5.       Transfer data digitally through mobile or tablet

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