D365 DataArchival and Retention-Deprecating Soon

Microsoft Labs

Highly scalable , secured and re-usable solution for Data Archival and Retention

Important Information : This free offer which is a custom application packaged as a D365 managed solution(not a D365 Product offering) will reach end of support and will be removed from Microsoft AppSource on 07/30/2021 . Henceforth there will not be any support for this. Existing consumers can continue using the application at their own risk.


Data Archival and Retention solution is to enable Dynamics 365 users to do archive of required data to COSMOS DB using Azure Services . It Provide a highly scalable, secured and re-usable solution for Archive data, Retain data and Delete post retention period. It uses Azure services for scaling as well as reliability. COSMOS DB and Blob storage are used for archival and retention. Web jobs for data extraction and deletion. Benefits from the Solution :1. Configurable , scalable archival and retention process by system administrator.2. Lower resource(DB) utilization providing scale and faster performance.3. GDPR compliant with configurable data retention policies.4. Easy Setup.
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