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Create and deploy step-by-step instruction guides with text, images, and videos.

Access and transfer field knowledge in Power Platform

Create step-by-step instruction guides with text, images, and videos to prevent errors and speed up onboarding. Make them available exactly where frontline workers need them. Build a knowledge library.

Close the skills gap

Improve knowledge transfer throughout your organization and make sure critical information is not lost. Let workers capture tribal knowledge and continuously improve your knowledge base. Document complex tasks and capture the experience of senior employees.

Speed up onboarding and training

Onboard new employees with standardized, structured and localized training manuals. Make all needed information accessible on the go in Power Apps or on Power Page portals. App users can rate the guides and provide feedback to the editors in the back office.

Create guides quickly

Build instruction guides in hours, not weeks. Use the simple and flexible interface to create intuitive and straightforward materials that make sense. Create and manage visual guides, task instructions, machine manuals, troubleshooting scenarios, or repair guides.

Improve first-time fix rate

Provide guides to workers at problematic points of their work process. Prevent errors with standard operating procedures. Reduce downtime and increase the productivity of the frontline team. Achieve higher-quality outcomes and fewer reworks.

Key features

Create guides with the Guides Editor

· Design a guide in a user-friendly drag-and-drop environment

· Add text, photos and videos

· Review guides created by your co-workers

· Manage multiple versions of a single guide

· Localize your guides into multiple languages

· Create a Guides library

Display guides where people need them

· Show your guide in Power App or Power Page

· Add a guide directly to any of your assets

· Let users rate the guide and provide feedback

Display guides anywhere in your Power Apps.

Make guides available to customers and contractors on a Power Page.


Power Platform, Dataverse, Power Apps, Power Pages


iOS, Android, Windows, Web


Mobile, Tablet, Desktop

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