SNC Dynamic E-Mail Templates


The Dynamic E-Mail Templates overcome the limitations of the default CRM E-Mail templates.

The solution SNC Dynamic E-Mail Templates introduces a new type of e-ail templates which overcome the limitations of the default CRM e-mail templates. 
This solution allows you to:
  • Create e-mail templates which target any entity in your system instead of only predifined entities. 
  • Create e-mails on the basis of your templates for any record of the templates target entity.
  • Design e-mail templates with a fully functional HTML editor. E.g. the usage of bold, underlined or italic texts and the insertion of images. 
  • Use any field from the targeted entity or any related entity as placeholder in your e-mail template.
  • Create your templates fast and efficient with a variety of keyboard shortcuts.
Organize e-mail templates with a user-defined categorization.
Manage the administration and usage permissions for your templates. 

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