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Simple: Intelligent marketing resource management

Simple’s intelligent marketing resource management platform transforms marketing planning and workflows, optimising productivity and providing visibility across all marketing activity to improve ROI and drive growth.

Simple enables the world’s leading marketing teams to work smarter, faster and leaner by providing a single source of truth for siloed planning, people, operations, activity and outcomes on one central platform for marketing.

Simple allows teams to improve collaboration through streamlined workflows, enabling teams to eliminate inefficient use of resources and increase speed and capacity. It connects plans, activity and outcomes, enabling brands to improve marketing ROI.

Simple generates cost-savings in the first year – reducing agency costs by up to 48%, cutting production costs by an average of 12% and increasing team capacity by 21%. It helps teams achieve 100% brand and regulatory compliance and provides a rapid return on investment.

Key Benefits and Features:


  • Centralised marketing calendar to plan, view and manage all activity, and record results for future budgeting and planning, creating a single source of truth for marketing
  • Customisable workflows to run marketing initiatives, assign work and brief creative teams
  • Review and approvals captured in one place, avoiding convoluted email trails, improving agency collaboration, and helping teams achieve 100% brand and regulatory compliance


  • Templates to capture, monitor and repeat effective workflows and onboard new team members, increasing capacity and speed to market
  • Digital asset library to facilitate cost-effective use and re-use of approved assets
  • Simple works seamlessly with Dynamics 365, Windows 365 and Office 365 through Teams integration and integrates with the Adobe Experience Cloud. Native integration with hundreds of 1st- and 3rd-party Microsoft-compatible apps enables Simple to be customised to drive your marketing process 


  • Agile project management to support test-and-learn workflows
  • Consolidates the functions of a number of martech tools on one platform and mandates tool use to manage overall martech adoption and improve ROI
  • Connects budget, agency and team activity data with campaign results to provide a complete picture of marketing ROI and improve decision-making across the organisation. 

Simple. Empowering marketing teams to achieve more.