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Help your Customer Support and Sales team to do more with embedded Remote Support in Dynamics 365

The ability to address customer issues as quickly and efficiently as possible makes customer support agents and sales representatives more effective and improves customer satisfaction. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps break down data silos by unifying your CRM and ERP capabilities. By integrating TeamViewer, you immediately enhance your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM consoles with embedded remote-control capabilities.

Without an embedded remote support solution, supporters spend extra time switching back and forth from their remote support application and Microsoft Dynamics 365. By embedding TeamViewer remote control into Microsoft Dynamics 365, supporters can assist users without switching applications, giving them time to help more users.

Customer service, sales, and pre-sales representatives can initiate secure remote sessions during customer interactions from within Microsoft Dynamics 365. With one click, customers are notified of a remote session request, which can be accepted immediately or queued for issue resolution at a later time. Once accepted, the supporter can take control of the user’s device or provide guidance to resolve issues quickly.

With TeamViewer in Dynamics 365, you can:

  • Resolve technical issues faster and boost productivity by remotely accessing and supporting any employee device across platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Reduce errors and service calls by guiding employees to configure and use corporate applications in real-time, without compromising the security of corporate data.
  • Remotely support external customer devices to reduce issue resolution time and increase customer satisfaction.
  • With real-time notifications visible in any D365 screen, agents can keep working while waiting for end-users to accept the connection and efficiently manage multiple support requests simultaneously.

“TeamViewer has saved our management cost substantially and it has been very well received by our customer service team for its ease of use and setup” –Toru Omata, Customer Support Group- Nifty

TeamViewer is compatible with Dynamics 365 (Cloud and on-prem), Dynamics CRM 2013 (on-prem), Dynamics CRM 2015 (on-prem) and Dynamics CRM 2016 (on-prem).

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