Pilot OHS

pateikė Intelbyte Corp.

Solution for managing occupational health and safety operational and regulatory concerns.

For businesses to operate safely, sufficient resources should be deployed to ensure all work activities are risk assessed, effective mitigations are identified and implemented. Early failure detection and prevention is also key for businesses to proactively manage hazards.

Businesses face multiple inefficiencies which negatively impact the bottom line as they try to meet these needs. Key examples include:
1. Non digitized (paper based) information recording.
2. Non availability of records and inability to create records on demand at the worksite.
3. Required data not available in required formats and the resultant multiple data handling by employees.
4. Records loss, making regulator and internal audit compliance difficult to demonstrate.

Pilot OHS is designed to help businesses seamlessly deal with these issues. It offers modules that help businesses digitally execute the following activities:
1. Carry out Field Level Hazard Assessments (FLHA), incorporate controls and assign action parties.
2. Record Hazards, Unsafe Actions, Unsafe Conditions and specify remedial actions, action parties and timelines.
3. Carry out facility and equipment inspections, document actions using standardized templates.

Pilot OHS cloud service ensures that transitioning to the platform is seamless for businesses as no on-premise installations are required.

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