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Easy Star

Orango AB

The STAR (Sales, Trade And Results) says it all, perfect for trading and wholesale companies.

The consultants at Orango have vast experience of helping wholesale and trading companies to develop their businesses. We know that every single company is unique, but that a lot of them face similar challenges and difficulties. Our standardized packaged solution Easy Star is the perfect investment for small and midsized companies that base much of their business on purchases and sales. With Easy Star you can get going rapidly in the well-renowned ERP system from Microsoft – Dynamics NAV. We have picked out and bundled our best solutions and added a range of modules including add-ons that suits companies of various size and complexity. Together with us, you can easily switch on the ones that are relevant for your company. We make sure that your ERP system integrates in the best ways possible with the specific processes that is most important for your business. Your new ERP system runs smoothly in the cloud which decreases your investments in hardware and allows your staff to work at every location from every device. Let us make it easy for you to be a star.