GoodPoint Chat Lite

pateikė GoodPoint Software

Instant messaging tool for team members with rooms support and advanced security.

This Add-In allows users to chat on SharePoint pages.

No more need to use external tools for messaging, chat directly in SharePoint. Invite your team members to your SharePoint page to talk.


This Add-In has following unique enhancements to prevent unexpected behavior:

-Auto removing old messages to avoid performance issues, list thresholds and errors after 5000 items are reached in the list. Use Threshold property.

-Safe text encoding to prevent potentially dangerous content in chat messages


-Totally free and immediately ready to use

-Chat Rooms support. Enter Room name in property

-Also can be used as nice comments feed, if Threshold property is 0 and items are never deleted.

-Perfect comprehensive resizing system, auto-adjusting height and width up to zone width and content height, controlling scrollbars, position and optional setting minimum/maximum size limits.

-Adaptive to any background color (transparent background), optionally possible to use main site styles)

-Extra fast performance, especially when used with other GoodPoint Add-Ins on the same page (CDN-hosted files with caching)


-SharePoint On Premises 2013/2016 and Office 365 supported

-No extra feature requirements.

-Supports IE 9+, Firefox (latest), Chrome(latest)


-No Ads

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