Template Tailor

pateikė Sam Anissimov

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Use the Word task pane to quickly edit placeholder text in your templates, forms, and contracts.

Template Tailor is a Microsoft Word add-in that helps you customize documents such as forms, receipts, contracts, and other reusable templates more easily by allowing you to quickly swap out constantly-changing text using the task pane.

Are you updating the same template document over and over to create something personalized? Do you often revisit old drafts for new situations? This add-in streamlines those types of revisions by searching for placeholder text you've designated in the document and providing you with an interface to edit that text more quickly and reliably.

Customize any template in three easy steps:

  • Create one or more placeholders in your template document using hashtags, such as #deliveryDate, and save the document for future reuse
  • Prompt the add-in to display those placeholders for you to edit in the task pane
  • Complete your changes by prompting the add-in to update the document

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