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Modern HR to track time, attendance, & time-off, and schedule WFO, WFH, & shift rosters

AttendanceBot is the all-in-one Microsoft Teams solutions to track vacations and PTOs, sick days, work from home and remote work, employee schedule planning and shift hours. It is especially helpful for remote and hybrid teams looking to improve accessibility and visibility.

Time tracking for remote teams with AttendanceBot is a breeze. With simple 'in' and 'out' messages, clock in and out to keep a track of your work hours and export accurate timesheets right within Microsoft Teams. You can even track time spent on projects and clients and visualize this data on our dashboard.

For time off, simply dm @attendancebot messages like 'PTO today' or 'Vacation from 3rd Nov to 21st Nov' and it will send your PTO request for approval, notify you on its status and put it on your calendar and set up vacation autoresponders. Admins and HRs can create vacation types, set up accruals and let people query their balances, extract powerful reports, view absence data on a beautiful external dashboard, ingest local holidays and integrate with Outlook, Google or Apple calendar.

With our sleek shift planning interface, you can schedule your employees' shifts. AttendanceBot sends reminders about upcoming shifts on MS Teams and even notifies when a shift might be missed or tardy, right from inside MS Teams. All of this and much more.

And for wfo planning, all it takes is a few keystrokes to plan same-day, future, or recurring days in the office, at home, or on the road. You can easily set and manage office capacity, or create suggested WFO days each week. Keep your schedule posted to the right channels, shown to the right people, and easily configured for your unique team.


• PTO, vacations and sick days

• Remote work and work from home

• Office hoteling and seat booking

• Announcements and notifications

• Holidays calendar

• Reminders, alerts, and custom notifications

• Multi-level approvals

• Recurring leaves

• CSV/Excel reports

• Calendar integration (Google, Outlook, iCloud)

• Tracking breaks and lunches

• Timesheets and payroll reports

• Leave quotas and accruals

• Hourly bill syncing to QuickBooks Online

• Track time spent on projects, clients, and tasks

Start your two-week free trial now. AttendanceBot is free for workspaces with up to 5 users.

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