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Reviewing and drafting contracts is time-consuming. Boost your productivity with authorDOCs!

Do you shudder at the thought of looking for the same clauses in every contract you read? Scrolling to cross-referenced clauses and defined terms to remember what is being described, or searching through old contracts to copy and paste a clause you like into a contract your drafting? The simple fact is, reviewing and drafting contracts are time-consuming and often repetitive!

authorDOCs is puts the power of McCarthyFinch's revolutionary legal AI platform to work for you, right in the application you work in most, Word!

authorDOCs focuses your review and speeds up your ability to complete contracts:

  • Quickly jump to important clauses, concepts and details in your contracts, such as Liability, Termination, Assignment, Term, Governing Law, Parties, Jurisdiction, Start Date, Indemnity and many more (new concepts are being added all the time too)
  • Save time reviewing definitions and cross-referenced clauses. Simply click on a defined term and have it's definition appear in the sidebar

authorDOCs simplifies drafting, helping you organise and find the right clauses to use at the right time:

  • Create, save and tag clauses, concepts, excerpts, and playbook items as you draft
  • Pin, filter and browse your saved concepts for easy use when drafting
  • Insert key clauses with a click of a button when drafting
  • Access a growing list of pre-loaded clauses drafted by legal experts

Go premium to access even more powerful features!

authorDOCs acts as your own virtual legal assistant:

  • authorDOCS suggests clauses for you to use based on the document you're in *
  • authorDOCS identifies key issues in contracts that you need to be aware of, providing you with a checklist for assurance *
  • Extend your ConceptBank to an unlimited size
  • Share your ConceptBank with other users, creating organisation wide precedence

authorDOCs is just the start. Learn about enterprise grade services such as automated contract approval, instruction based drafting and other AI-powered automation tools by visiting


- authorDOCs requires you to create an authorAI account when setting up the AddIn

- authorDOCs runs in Office 365. For access on versions of Office older than 2016 please visit

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