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Link a Word image to a Power BI visual and preserve filters and slicers when updating.

"Power BI Link" helps you present Power BI visuals inside Word documents.

Visuals are imported as image from your reports and can later be updated while preserving all the filters and slicers you used when importing.

This addin is a must have if you often need to include Power BI visuals in your Word documents.

It will convert visuals to screenshots so you can use Word picture tools to copy, move, format or scale them.

This conversion process will preserve a virtual link between screenshots and report data. So that you can later to update your visuals in one click while keeping the same filters, slicers and format.


  • Import: Open a Power BI window within Word, browse your reports and import all the visuals you need.
  • Update: List all the embedded visuals in your document and update them. You can update all the visuals in the same time or select only a subset of visuals to update.

Known limitations:

Some complex filter settings can prevent updates to succeed. This is the case with filters based on aggregated values from a computed column.

It is currently compatible only with Word 2016, 2019 and higher.

For more questions about this addin, please see our FAQ.

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