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Decipher Your Contract with a Click

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Read contract provisions with precision, speed and ease. Spectacles is a patent-pending technology designed for legal and business professionals.

Spectacles deciphers your contracts with a click. Highlight a defined term and Spectacles will display its definition. Click-through the interactive side-panel to reveal your web of defined terms.

No flipping pages, no document searching, no scrolling, no multiple windows. Spectacles brings the meaning to you.

Features and Benefits

- Identifies US/English style defined terms (“Defined Terms”) whether in-text or in an index

- Generates a list of Defined Terms in an interactive side panel

- Provides easy one-click access to definitions of Defined Terms

- Searches and displays Defined Terms nested inside Defined Terms (“Nested Definitions”)

- Supports in-text highlight and search of Defined Terms

- Enables click-through of Nested Definitions

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Supported Editions

- Spectacles is compatible with Microsoft Word 2016 or later versions

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