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The PowerPoint add-in for designing visual presentations

With slideroom®, all employees of a company have direct access in PowerPoint to company

images, icons and presentation templates. A time-consuming search in the drive or on the

Internet as well as the use of outdated images or company presentations are thus a thing of the


In addition, all users have access to more than 1,000,000 royalty-free images, 10,000 icons and

1,500 infographics. This way, all employees become PowerPoint designers themselves and can

create impressive, visual slides in a short time.

The six features at a glance:

  1. Company images (central provision - directly available in PowerPoint)
  2. Company icons (optimized for PowerPoint and easy to customize)
  3. Presentation templates (access to all current company presentations)
  4. Royalty-free images (>1,000,000 images incl. right of use without source citation)
  5. Royalty-free icons (>10,000 icons to colorize directly in PowerPoint in corporate color)
  6. Royalty-free graphics (>1,500 templates to create impressive infographics)

Customer benefits:

  • Time saving (no more time-consuming search for images, icons, graphics and templates)
  • Simple, intuitive operation incl. intelligent search function and personal favorites
  • Higher quality of your company presentations (fewer bullet points and text-heavy slides |

    More persuasive power through visual slides)

  • Transparency (company-wide provision of all current images, icons and templates as well

    as central coordination and guarantee of a uniform external appearance)

  • From 3€ per license/month plus one-time setup costs and low monthly service fee
  • Security (all data is secured on a German server in Frankfurt in accordance with the

    provisions of the DSGVO)

  • No license violations by employees illegally downloading images from Google
  • 100% PowerPoint optimized (automatic compression of images and videos to reduce file


  • All icons and graphics are cropped and editable directly in PowerPoint
  • Free trial month

Technical requirements:

  • Compatible from PowerPoint 2013 - works best on MS 365
  • Easy installation without implementation effort

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