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Help employees to share feedback and access Culture Amp insights from within Microsoft Teams

Culture Amp is the leading People & Culture Platform helping companies take action to improve employee engagement, retention and performance.

High-performing teams thrive on giving and receiving feedback regularly. With the Culture Amp app you can send and receive feedback right from within Microsoft Teams. The feedback is stored in Culture Amp for easy reference at performance review time.

Take action in Culture Amp without leaving Microsoft Teams. With the app you can:

Give feedback to colleagues

Give effective feedback to your colleagues to help fuel their development. The Culture Amp app for Teams leverages our very own People Science insights to drive frequent, timely feedback. This reduces recency bias at review time and reinforces positive performance throughout the entire year.

View feedback from colleagues

Invest in your own development by receiving feedback right into your Teams activity feed. View the feedback today, knowing that it is safely synced with the Culture Amp platform for future reference.

Respond to feedback requests from colleagues

Help your colleagues with their own development by responding to feedback requests without breaking your stride.

Share feedback with managers

Your colleagues can also share development feedback with your manager, keeping them in the loop about your current performance. This helps promote healthy discussions and collaboration and ensures your contributions don’t go unnoticed.

Request feedback from colleagues

Be the master of your own development by requesting feedback from your colleagues. Give them a prompt to help focus their feedback on the areas you want to improve.

View notifications from Culture Amp

The Culture Amp app also delivers relevant, actionable notifications straight from the Culture Amp platform including:

- Engagement surveys

- Skills coach

- Performance feedback and reviews

- Self-reflections and goal updates

Install the Culture Amp app for Teams and drive your employee engagement and performance management all without leaving the flow of work.

Note: to use the Culture Amp app for Microsoft Teams, you must be a Culture Amp customer.

Interested in becoming a customer? Head to

More information on the Culture Amp app for Teams, including upcoming feature releases, can be found at

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