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Scribo Pronto is the ultimate fast grading, fast feedback assistant for teachers of writing.

For teachers

Scribo Pronto is made for every English and humanities teacher who grades student work and gives feedback. These are the two most time consuming and important tasks teachers do. Pronto makes the job more efficient and effective.

Pronto gives teachers support for grading and feedback in a beautiful assistant panel.

Teachers see an instant analysis of the student's text with suggested feedback from Scribo's clever AI capability. You can add your own feedback, change the AI feedback, and grade against your own rubric or ours.

With one click, a comprehensive report containing the analysis, marking and feedback is inserted into the student's document.

Try Scribo Pronto Premium free for 14 days. The Community edition is always free. 

For students

Pronto gives students the instant feedback they need to improve their writing, as they write. With instant feedback and targeted help, Pronto helps students take more ownership of their writing. 

To build an even stronger investment in writing, simply share your document with another student to activate the peer review feature. Writers at all levels can benefit from peer review, with students reporting that they learn as much from identifying weaknesses in a peer’s writing as from incorporating peers’ feedback into their own work.


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