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Securely sign, send and track documents from Microsoft Word.

PandaDoc’s integration with Microsoft Word Online allows you to send and sign documents securely — right from Word.

Power collaboration, drive productivity and save time capturing eSignatures. You're now able to request signatures, self-sign, send documents and track document statuses directly within Word.

Within the PandaDoc tab, you can easily log into an existing PandaDoc account or create a new free eSign account. Once you've done this, you can open a document within Word and will have three different options available within the ribbon:

1) Self-sign a document

2) Request signatures

3) Check document statuses

To self-sign, simply drag-and-drop a signature field into your Word document and sign. You'll be able to finalize and save the document as a signed PDF.

Requesting signatures from others is a breeze. Through the request signatures option, you can choose the contacts you'd like to gather signatures from and add them to your document as signers. Signature fields are easily dropped in and are automatically assigned to a specific signer. Once ready to send, you can share via email or generate a document link. Once the document has been sent, you'll see it listed in sent status, and once all parties have signed the document you'll see this reflected in the PandaDoc panel.

Using the check document statuses option, you'll have continuous visibility to track the progression of signatures on your document. From this option, you can also view the documents and/or download signed PDF copies from within the PandaDoc panel.

The add-in does not support Internet Explorer 11.

The add-in is free to download and includes unlimited free eSignatures. If you are interested in more premium PandaDoc features, you can sign up for a trial of our paid plans by visiting

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