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Create Automatically-Graded Quizzes, Reviews and Coq Code in Word Documents; the Easier Way!

Your Search Is Over, We Solved This Problem for You (and for Ourself)!

As Stand-alone Add-in without User account: Create automatically-graded quizzes, reviews and interactive source code (Coq or any programming language) in Word documents (on the Web or Windows or Mac or Mobile), by inserting formatted content-controls via xml-commands.


Additional benefits:

+ Highlight the code syntax for most languages, which flows inlined anywhere within the main document text.

+ Load the source code content from any version-control internet url such as github, then parse via regular expression.

+ Collaborate live with another author on the same interactive Coq math document, and record the output of the Coq proof script back into the Word document. Publish Coq papers quicker!

+ Choose to load any official version of Coq, including the custom-made Chinese-language 鸡算计 Coq.

+ Secure your personal data because this add-in is loaded from auditable Microsoft hosts:

+ Share the Word .docx lesson files with any learners, because no user account is required.

As Integrated Add-in for WorkSchool 365: The SurveyQuiz and EventReview e-commerce and e-learning applications are some integration of many popular business software to enable learners/reviewers to share the transcripts/receipts of their (quizzes/reviews) school/work using password-less user identities. The SurveyQuiz are Word online documents of large-scale automatically-graded survey/quizzes with shareable transcripts of School by the learners, with integration of the Coq proof-assistant Word add-in and samples from the Gentle Introduction to the Art of Mathematics textbook. The EventReview are SharePoint calendars of paid review-tasks for Word documents/events (seminars, conferences, archive papers, journal papers) with shareable receipts of Work by the reviewers, whose reviews are appended to the task. Sign-in/sign-up via Microsoft/Azure or Google or Facebook or Email: ; or via Microsoft Marketplace Subscription:

Note: This add-in does not support Internet Explorer 11.

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