pateikė Knimbus

Your eLibrary. Anywhere. Anytime. Any Device.

The Knimbus mLibrary app on Microsoft Teams integrates your Institutional Digital Library into your Classroom and Collaboration

Environment. You can now access all the relevant content from your Digital Library through a seamless and blended environment on Teams.

Following are the key features:

1. Designed for libraries to manage all their resources and support teaching, learning, and research in the cloud.

2. All the tools you need to build the best digital library with a unified experience.

3. Strong security controls to prevent unauthorized access or abuse of resources and tools.

4. Removes barriers to knowledge and streamlines processes by supporting popular metadata and open standards.

5. Interoperability with other systems to extend institution-wide digital transformation.

6. Seamless integration means users can access all the tools with one login and you can see the usage reports in your dashboard.

Papildinio galimybės

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  • Šis papildinys gali pasiekti jūsų asmeninę informaciją, esančią aktyviuose pranešimuose, pvz., telefono numerius, pašto adresus ir URL. Papildinys gali siųsti šiuos duomenis trečiosios šalies paslaugai. Kitų jūsų pašto dėžutėje esančių elementų skaityti arba keisti negalima.

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