FLK Diagram Modeller Viewer

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Editor and viewer for editing and viewing charts from a central repository.

The package consists of two parts.

  • FLK-Diagram-Editor
  • FLK-Diagram-Viewer

You can create dynamic and static diagrams with the Web Part FLK-Diagram-Editor. The Web Part FLK-Diagram-Viewer takes care of the display for the user.

The central repository manages all charts in one place.

Model static org charts and flow charts or describe dynamic hierarchical charts based on your own data.

Dynamic diagrams benefit from the built-in possibility to adapt the display to your own needs. To do this, the FLK-Diagram-Editor has three built-in editors that let you determine the look, content and structure of your diagram.

The FLK Diagram Viewer is used to display content from the central repository.
This allows you to use the content on both a SharePoint page and teams.

Retrieve the contents of a template statically via the properties in the configuration or dynamically depending on purpose via a URL parameter.

Find out more about our license model at FLK Consulting UG - Licensing.

The demo version can be used in full for 21 days.

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