ABA Scheduler

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ABA Scheduler is intended to aid clinicians in scheduling behavioral and speech sessions.

ABA Scheduler is a SharePoint webpart that lets you specify appointment patterns for each of your clients along with

the payment authorizations and date

ranges. Schedules can be previewed (forecasted) and committed to the calendar for from 1 to 9 weeks in the future.

The system allows you to then notify staff of the their updated appointment schedule.


  • Automates the creation of required Lists, Fields, and Views to facilitate management of facility schdules
  • Allows management to preview future schedule weeks
  • Eliminates mess "repeating" schedule item management
  • Weekly schedule templates for each authorization with ability to enter exceptions

Installation Options/Included Components

  • SharePoint webpart
  • Single Page Application (SharePoint Page)
  • Microsoft Teams Tab


  • The application installs as a free (fully functional trial)
  • Prior to acquiring a license for use, there will be a notice displayed at the top of the application
  • A perpetual license fee of $300 US allows use throughout your SharePoint tenant by any number of users
  • To aquire a license please email

Usage and Limitations

  • Initial configuration includes the creation of several SharePoint Lists. As a result initial setup requires that

    the user have adequate rights assigned in the containing SharePoint site to allow for List Creation

  • Menu functions require that users have contribute rights in the SharePoint site.
  • Users with view only permissions will still be able to review schedules and list data but "save" funtions will

    not complete

  • Best recommendation is for the ABA Scheduler webpart to be installed into a new Microsoft Teams "Team" by a Team


  • See the


    target="_new">user manual for detailed installation instructions

If you have multiple sites to schedule, the application can be installed in multiple SharePoint sites or Teams to


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