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EdCast Outlook add in is designed for the EdCast customers to share the content over the outlook conversations as well. When a user will first open the add in, the user will be asked for the org he/she is part of, after that the user can log in to the add in using the EdCast credentials. There are two views in this Outlook widget, one is when a user is in the inbox/sent items tab which allows the user to create a text card using the context of the mail received, while doing so the user can share the same with channels, groups he/she is part of and other users as well. The other view is when the user is composing an email, in this view the user can see the cards created, and bookmarks and also search for other cards as well. By doing so the user can insert a link in the email body so that the card can be consumed by the one at the receiving end as well.

This app requires a subscription to EdCast. Does your company use EdCast? Contact your IT Admin to learn more.

Otherwise, please visit or send email to for more information.

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