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Schedule a Crikle call directly from your Outlook Calendar.

Crikle is a multichannel customer engagement platform for holding live video calls, enabling businesses to connect with customers at any point in the customer journey or buying cycle. Instantly connect with website and social media visitors, embed Crikle into paid search and email campaigns, or schedule video or voice calls for a wide range of outbound and inbound use cases. The Crikle Scheduler Add-in is designed to make scheduling a Crikle call within Outlook Calendar simple.

Key Features:

● Schedule a Crikle call directly from your Outlook Calendar.

● Option to choose between creating a calendar event with your ‘Personal call link’ or a ‘Scheduled call link’.

● Calendar events created with the ‘Scheduled call link’ option automatically appear within the ‘My Calls’ tab in Crikle.

● Change the details of the call within Crikle directly from the calendar event

● Automatically add the Crikle call invitation to your Outlook Calendar invitation with 1-click.


The add-in app is part of a paid service. Users will need a Crikle subscription to use the Crikle Add-in. To create an account, please signup here:

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