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Enter an immersive room with interactive tables : learn better, animate easier

The Glowbl application for Microsoft Teams acts as an access point to a location where the learners will attend their pedagogical journey.

  • The application acts like the entrance to the Classroom in one click directly from Teams. The users connect directly from Teams to their classroom without going through an external tool (LMS for instance).

  • The facilitator benefits from a unified experience from Teams to Glowbl where he has prepared the learning journey. He simply adds a Glowbl space in a Tab of the Team created for each learning Group. After the course session, he can get the recordings and the attendance times of the space within the Teams tab. He can also copy the space link, to send it in a calendar event for instance.

  • The learners benefits from a unified experience between the resources gathered in the channel and the access to their Classroom for participative learning. If the facilitator allow it, they can find the recordings of past sessions directly in the channel tab.

  • The same entrance can be added to several channels or Teams. This is very useful to break down the walls between the employees as they can gather at any moment in this persistent immersive location.

Free version provides access to a single public space. A subscription allows you to create unlimited private spaces. Please contact our support team for more details.

If you need any help to get started to use the application, please refer to this link :

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