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Simple gathering and sharing of process, app and technology knowledge in your organisation.

Get notifications that let you collect and visualise business knowledge right in your chat with Colloquial for Microsoft Teams.

Colloquial is a pragmatic architecture repository tool that helps you cut through the noise and focus on facts. Our purpose-built platform helps harness the combined knowledge of your organisation’s experts and systems, empowering organisations with a single source of truth for business knowledge. This leads to higher data trust, faster decision-making, and better business investment outcomes.

We’re architecture veterans who just get it, because we’ve been where you are now. We’ve had C-suite leaders wanting answers to questions about the business, and no obvious way to discover them. Meanwhile no-one had the time, energy or budget to solve these problems internally and our teams couldn’t afford sky-high consultancy fees to bring in external people to help either.

So we started thinking there had to be a better way. A better way to help IT teams and architects discover their own organisational knowledge. To take that knowledge, grounded in reliable data, and layer on key insights and new ideas that could lead to better business outcomes. To do it quickly and efficiently. To make it as simple, accessible and affordable as we could, for every SME on the planet. And to make it possible to continuously learn into the future and help those businesses that wanted us on their journey.

How it works

  1. Create a fact card for each thing in your organisation. This will become the source of truth for your organisational knowledge.
  2. Configure context layers for visualising fact cards in logical groups.
  3. Create assessments such as Business Fitness for Application cards or Confidentially for Information cards
  4. Share these assessments with your colleagues either via the app or through Microsoft Teams to curate business knowledge
  5. Gain insight into your collected knowledge through visualisations and reporting

A Colloquial account is required to use Colloquial for Microsoft Teams.

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