Ghostwriter Consultant Edition

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Ghostwriter Consultant with ChatGPT for Microsoft Office – the revolutionary writing assistant

The Ghostwriter Legal with OpenAI ChatGPT for Microsoft Office is a groundbreaking writing assistant designed to assist you in quickly and precisely putting your ideas onto paper. The Ghostwriter add-in utilizes cutting-edge natural language processing and machine learning technology, enabling you to brainstorm, strategize, and generate content with unprecedented efficiency.

The Ghostwriter Legal is an exclusive edition designed to cater to the needs of professional lawyer by providing them with specific terminology and workflow features that align with their work style. This software is compatible with Windows, Mac, Web, and iPad, allowing users to access it from any location, be it their office or a client's site.

The add-in provides a free trial, albeit with limited number of trys. To fully utilize the OpenAI GPT models, a product key needs to be purchased as a one-time payment. This payment includes updates and bug fixes for the add-in's lifetime.

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