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FormulaIntern is an AI-Excel tool to generate formulas in seconds and manipulate data quickly.

FormulaIntern is one of the leading AI-Excel tools that have unique Excel-native formulas and a sidebar formula generator to improve productivity immediately.

Product Features:

  • Formula Generator: Generate formulas based on text input, making it easy for users to create easy, intermediate and advanced formulas
  • Formula Explainer: Explain pre-existing formulas within an Excel workbook through our formulas or sidebar, breaking down even the most complex formulas into easily digestible terms
  • Translate Text: Translate text into any language within your spreadsheet effortlessly
  • Data Cleansing: Quickly identifying clusters of near duplicates or related sets of data
  • Summarize Text: Summarize embedded text into a concise abstract for easy understanding
  • Company Lookup: Instantly find business descriptions, headcount, locations and more with FormulaIntern

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