Billy - The Birthday Bot

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Automate birthdays and work anniversaries celebrations 🎉

**How it works?**

1. Click "Add to a team" - One click secured installation.

2. Birth date collection - Automatic (the bot will ask the users to enter their birth date) or Manual (Excel import).

3. You’re all set - The bot will send notifications automatically. You can configure the time and the channel via the settings.

**Why install Billy Birthday?**

- Never forget a teammate's birthday again

- Increase employee engagement and team cohesion

- Distributed teams have never been closer

- Bring some fun into everyday routine

- Best birthday bot on the market

Your whole team will thank you for installing it 🙌


Whether you celebrate aniversário, cumpleaños or anniversaire , Billy is made for you!

Additional benefits:

- Wish and track birthdays

- Forget birthday cards, hello funny office birthday celebrations

- Remote celebration

- Birthday GIF for coworkers

- Modern bday bot for your hybrid team

**Question? Need help?**

Don't hesitate to [contact us]( or to [check out our FAQ](!

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