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Elfsquad CPQ offers a flexible and no-code document builder, designed as a Word Plugin.

Elfsquad is a business-led, cloud-based, Configure, Price, Quote platform designed for manufacturing companies that sell, engineer, and manufacture customer-specific solutions, such as heavy equipment, assembly lines, or industrial and agricultural machinery, to name a few. An increase in customer-specific demand makes products and processes more complex. Elfsquad enables sellers and buyers of these companies to visually configure, price, and quote customer-specific solutions instantly and accurately. Easily generate professional-looking, production-ready quotes, multi-level BOM, and CAD parameters.

Our software allows limitless integration possibilities with your engineering and manufacturing systems as well as any other business application that you currently use. And Elfsquad is fully self-service, which means it can be implemented and managed by the business itself, so you’re no longer reliant on IT or external consultants.

Interested to learn more? Real-life cases are available on our website:

Should you have any questions, or are you curious about how Elfsquad can be beneficial for your business? Contact us via or +31 85 06 56 638.

Elfsquad is a web-based application, meaning it can be used on any device with an internet connection and browser. To utilize the configurator, a license is needed. The type of license depends on your company’s characteristics (e.g. users, demanded functionality). An Elfsquad license provides you with the opportunity to connect your end customer directly to production, realizing a fully automated pre-production process.

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