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With Power GPT, that’s like having an Excel expert by your side, 24/7!

Excel at Your Fingertips with Power GPT: Explain, Generate, Code, Analyze - Your All-in-One Excel Genius!

Do you find yourself grappling with complex Excel formulas?

Are you spending hours on tasks you wish could be automated?

You're not alone. Excel users around the world share these challenges.

Today, I’m thrilled to unveil Power GPT for Microsoft Excel. That’s like having an Excel expert by your side, 24/7! It’s designed to understand, assist, and enhance your spreadsheet experience.

Immerse yourself in a suite of features:

* Get answers to all your Excel questions in your own language.

* Decipher any formula with explanations in plain English.

* Describe what you want, and watch the formula appear.

* Create precise SQL queries from simple descriptions.

* Say goodbye to manual coding; get custom VBA scripts in seconds.

* Master regular expressions with zero frustration.

* Tap into powerful data analysis using Python in Excel(upcoming future feature for Microsoft Excel).

Power GPT comes with free 1-week trial. Simply sign in and get started, no credit card info required.

After free-trial, if you want to continue to use it, there are 3 plans available:

1. Monthly Plan, $10 per user

2. Yearly Plan, $100 per user

3. Customizable Enterprise Plan, for companies with more than 10 users. Please contact for more details.

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