Intellosync Copilot


IntelloSync Copilot is a AI powered personal legal assistant that helps you manage legal documents

Key Features:

1. Centralized Standard Guidance: Legal teams can utilize AI to develop playbooks, providing a unified space for defining standard guidance. These playbooks are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Word for easy accessibility by internal teams.

2. Risk Oversight and Categorization: IntelloSync Copilot actively identifies deviations from the company's preferred language in contracts and categorizes each deviation based on its level of risk.

It also provides the company's recommended guidance on addressing each issue.

Detailed Features:

1. Contract Risk Identification: Easily identify and flag potential risks within contracts according to your personalized review guidelines.

2. Industry-Tailored Contract Review Guides: Choose from a variety of contract review guides specifically tailored to your industry and the type of contract in question.

3. Tailored Redline Suggestions: Receive customized suggestions for redlines based on your established guidelines, streamlining the review process.

4. AI-Powered Open-Ended Questions: Engage with an AI Bot designed specifically for legal professionals. Pose open-ended questions to receive tailored insights and guidance.


1. Open a contract you want to review within your IntelloSync Account

2. Use Navigation bar of the app to use AI features


1. Efficiently expedite the processing of contracts, creating a significant positive influence on business outcomes.

2. Speed up the pace of contract negotiations while minimizing legal risk.

3. Intellosync Copilot serves as your reliable second pair of legal eyes, instilling confidence as you proceed to sign agreements.

4. Establish uniform contract language with one click, or at the very least, be aware of instances where a term deviates and understand the reasons behind it.

5. Guarantee that contracts align with industry regulations, the laws of your country, and the standards set by your organization.

6. Empower non-legal teams to securely handle contract processing, allowing legal teams to concentrate on more critical priorities

7. Supercharge your efficiency by reclaiming several hours per week previously spent on reviewing contracts.

8. Foster greater collaboration and cohesion among teams by sharing your contract legalbook.

9. Conduct training sessions for junior associates, imparting knowledge and understanding of the company's established standards and guidelines.

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