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SharePoint 2013 REST _api JSON Viewer

One of the first things you wish for when working with SharePoint 2013 REST api, is a way to display the raw data, so you know what you have to work with. The _api JSON Viewer app is the tool that does exactly that, with a very user-friendly display and simple functionality. It even allows you to view JSON data across the site collection and every apps. This is a must have app for anyone working with the SharePoint 2013 REST _api. This app is for viewing purpose only and do not make it possible to change data.

Key features

  • Show SharePoint REST _api in JSON format.
  • Easy to use and fast. Must have tool.
  • Pure app, html and JavaScript, no server side code.
  • Display Request and Response header information.
  • Link to all url in the output text.
  • Support for history navigation in Brower.
  • Hotkey for backspace button for fast navigation.
  • Infomation about Request and Response headers.
  • Hotkey for backspace for fast navigation.
  • Information about Request and Response headers.

Release notes

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a problem with encoding of the REST result.

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