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Amharic spell checker, Amharic - English dictionary, and Amharic OCR.

Abyssinica – Amharic language processing tools. All-in-one with spell checker, dictionary, and OCR services.


  • The first Amharic spell checker for Microsoft Word. Abyssinica Spelling uses artificial intelligence based algorithms. The more you use it, the more it gets better.
  • For morphologically complex languages like Amharic, sometimes spelling suggestions are uncertain. When this happens, you have an option to insert a replacement word.
  • Quick definitions for spelling suggestions may be available when you click on the suggestion word.


  • The Abyssinica Dictionary App is Amharic - English bilingual dictionary. It helps you to translate a word into English or Amharic within Microsoft Word.

  • Select a word in a document or type the word in the search field. Abyssinica displays definitions of the word and Wikipedia entries in Amharic and English.
  • Linked to Abyssinica Search Engine for Amharic Web Search results.
  • Click on more definitions link to view more definitions in different languages, Amharic Proverbs, Amharic Wax and Gold Poems (Qnie) related to the word, and images, if available.
  • Abyssinica lets you search a word by typing it into the text boxes. It comes with Amharic Keyboard Transliteration program which enables you to read and write Amharic within the App with no additional installation required.


  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – converts images of typed, or printed text into editable text. Abyssinica OCR extracts text from images and loads it into the Word document.

  • After conversion, you may run the spell checker for better results.
  • Abyssinica OCR is intelligent enough to recognize different Ethiopic fonts including type-writer fonts.

  • The OCR service supports Amharic and English languages.

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