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Simple, intuitive DITA document authoring environment for technical writers.

CMC Corporation SXC Cloud™ (Smart XML Creator Cloud) is an XML document editing app that supports DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) standard*.

* DITA is an international standard for XML documents developed by OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards).


  • The evaluation version of the app may only be used to create content for use in evaluating this application.

  • If you wish to use this application for purposes other than evaluation, please purchase a commercial use license.

  • Please contact us about purchasing the commercial license for the app.

SXC Cloud Features - Summary

  • Fully integrated XML document authoring environment in SharePoint: XML documents can be easily created from SharePoint menus.

  • Carefully selected XML editing functions: It is easy to learn because only carefully selected XML editing functions are implemented. Strict incorrect input alert function is suitable for the technical writers who are not familiar with editing XML documents.

  • Editing support for DITA documents: User can easily import DITA documents and start editing right away.

    • In DITA way, contents are created as individual XML documents in small units called topics and connects them in a document table of contents called maps to form a single publication. By sharing topics between maps, you can create a variety of publications with less content creation effort.

    • DITA-specific features help you make content production more efficient.

    SXC Cloud Features - Details

    • XML editing: SXC Cloud comes with two types of XML editors with different properties.

      • Intuitive editing: The Visual Editor has an incorrect input alerting feature based on the document type definition, which warns against entering incorrect document structures to the user. The editing tools change depending on the selected XML element and the editing mode, showing only the features that can be used.

      • Flexible editing: The Text Editor provides flexible editing features comparable to common text editor software, such as search/replace including XML element names. The Text Editor is for experts who feel that Visual Editor is over-protective.

    • Compare with past versions: The history/compare feature compares past versions of an XML document and displays the differences. This is useful when creating a revised version.

    • Create new Documents using the Built-in Document Templates: SXC Cloud comes with the following built-in templates. By using the document templates, you can quickly start creating new XML documents.

      • DITA1.3 Documents: topic, concept, reference, generalTask, task, machineryTask, troubleshooting, glossentry, glossgroup, map, basemap, bookmap, subjectScheme, classifyMap

    • Support for DITA-specific features: DITA-specific features allow you to browse, reuse, and filter content, making content creation more efficient. SXC Cloud supports the following features.

      • Reference a content (href)

      • Content reference via a key (keyref)

      • Reusing content (conref)

      • Reusing content via a key (conkeyref)

    • Quick View: The Quick View feature allows you to see a thumbnail list of the XML documents in the folder hierarchy you have open in SharePoint.

    • Check XML document with Schematron feature: The Schematron feature allows you to check the structure of an XML document based on a Schematron file. User can also add user-defined checking instructions to the Schematron file.

    • Insert XML structure with XML snippet feature: The XML snippet feature allows you to insert an XML structure consisting of multiple XML elements into the XML document you are editing, in a single operation. User can also add user-defined XML structures by customizing the XML snippet file.

    • Application Customizability: SXC Cloud can be customized with the following configuration files.

      • SXC Setting file (eg Add/Edit XML Document type)

      • XSLT file for document preview (eg Edit the preview style for Visual Editor)

      • Template Document file (File to be base format when creating a new document)

      • Document Type Definition file (DTD)

      • Schematron file

      • XML Snippet file

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