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Build stronger personal connections in your company through spontaneous coffee meetings!

CoffeePals randomly assigns people in groups every week to meet for a coffee chat. By default, matches are sent out on Tuesday, but meetings between matches can be scheduled anytime after that. We want to bring back serendipitous meetings to the remote workplace.

But don’t worry, coffee is optional! Let people swap it for a donut or nothing at all, as long as they make a connection (virtually or in-person). Stronger relationships will contribute to employee retention, well-being, and productivity.

Get everyone in your company to join a CoffeePals team to get people to meet each other on a personal level. This is a great way to introduce new employees or people on different teams.

On CoffeePals, we have:

• A virtual “coffee maker / watercooler” to spark conversations like “Share a photo of your pet!”

• Advanced, customizable matching settings

• Cross-department matching (e.g. Engineering-meet-Sales or HR-meet-Marketing)!

• New hire / onboarding introductions (e.g. New Hire meet Employee)

• Mentorship matching (e.g. Mentors meet Mentees)

• Team and organization level analytics dashboard to understand how people are connecting.

We're constantly adding more features!

For any questions, contact us at

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