pateikė Interactio.

Enable simultaneous interpretation with Interactio in your meetings.

Turn on remote simultaneous interpretation in Microsoft Teams meetings with Interactio.

Add our integration in a few easy steps to:

• Enable simultaneous interpretation of your meetings in any language.

• Gain from our team of professional interpreters to create a multilingual and inclusive space.

• Organize your events through our panel to book interpreters and make your schedule run smoothly.

How it works?

The Interactio integration works on both Windows and macOS desktop clients. Just install the teams app and add languages.


Meeting organizers need an active Interactio account. Contact us to set up your

account now.


• Our integration is currently available only on Windows and macOS desktop clients.

• Closing the Interactio app (side panel) while the meeting is still running will interrupt the

interpretation on Teams.

Interactio is the multilingual meetings solution used to interpret and stream over 26,000

events since its launch in 2014. We provide a secure and high-quality solution for over 2,000 remote

and hybrid meetings every month.


Use in a tab at the top of a chat or channel

Created by: Interactio

Version 1.0.0

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