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Variance Chart - xViz

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Analyze comparisons of two values across three distinct visualizations integrated into one visual.

The xViz Variance Chart for Power BI provides users with the capability to compare a performance and benchmark with variance visualized in both absolute & % terms.


- Choose horizontal or vertical variance chart

- Sort by Variance

- Conditional Formatting

- Ability to enable/disable absolute variance or % variance series

- Customize width of the three series (base series, absolute variance, % variance)

- Display average variance

- Leverage RTL (Right-to-Left) support for languages such as Arabic

- Capture “Negative Variance is Good” scenarios by changing colors

- Customize # of data series to be displayed by default (with the rest available upon scroll)

- Use Custom Theme

- Consolidated tooltip


1. Comparing *Actual vs. Planned*, *Forecast vs. Planned*, and *Forecast vs. Previous Year*

2. Analysis of rainfall data over a period of time

3. Comparison of employment rates across regions over a specific period

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