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Hierarchical tree organizes elements into levels, with a single root and branching structures

Hierarchy Trees show how relationships move up or down a hierarchy from left to right. The xViz Hierarchy tree is more often used to break down broad categories, sub-categories, or any dimension into ever-finer levels of detail. Typically, the hierarchy begins with a Parent node (Total revenue, Total sales, etc.) and proceeds through a tree until it reaches the lower levels of that dimension.

Key Feature Highlights:

  • % Contribution – Enable or disable to display the % contribution of each child node to its parent node at any time.
  • Data labels – Customize to show absolute value, % variance, or both to perform additional analysis of multiple measures.
  • Progress Bar – You have the option to scale the progress bar based on its contribution to the current level, parent node, top-level node, or % variance. The % variance option is useful for performing detailed variance analysis while showing other breakdown metrics at the same time.
  • Mini Map – When drilling down to a category/dimension with many members, it is easy to get lost. The xViz Hierarchy Tree provides a mini map to easily understand your current position and navigate quickly to other areas of the tree.
  • Alerts – Apply Conditionally formatted alerts to easily identify which nodes are performing above, below, and around the desired level.
  • Conditional Formatting – Highlight outliers based on set rules, to gain insights into your data.
  • Search Bar – Using the search bar in the top-left corner of the visual, you can easily search for any node, sub-node, or specific category.
  • Expand on-demand – Choose between different methods of expanding to child nodes.
    • Use the default method of expanding based on the set hierarchy level
    • Use the “expand on-demand” toggle to choose & and navigate to the desired level of hierarchy

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