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The stacked column and bar charts custom visual are feature-rich data visualization tool

The stacked insights is here to help users to visualize the comparative solution. Visit to learn more about it. The Stacked Insights custom visual for Power BI is a versatile and powerful tool designed to provide insightful visualizations for comparing two categories across a single numeric dataset. This visual offers a dynamic and interactive representation of your data, allowing users to gain valuable insights at a glance. Key features: Bar and Column Charts: Easily toggle between bar and column chart representations based on your preference or visual aesthetics. Choose the chart type that best suits your data and reporting requirements. Stacked Bar and Column Charts: Enable the stacked view to break down each category into sub-categories, offering a comprehensive understanding of the distribution of the numeric data. Legend for Enhanced Comparison: The inclusion of a legend enhances the clarity of your visualizations by providing a clear distinction between the categories and their respective sub-categories. Interactive Data Exploration: Leverage Power BI's interactive features to explore your data dynamically. Filter data based on user-defined criteria, and gain deeper insights into the underlying trends. Customizable Axis and Label: Tailor the appearance of your chart by adjusting axis labels. Customize the font to align with your organization's branding or reporting standards. Data Tooltip Information: Hover over individual data points to reveal tooltip information, providing users with specific details about each bar or column, fostering a more detailed analysis. User Friendly Interface: The user-friendly interface ensures that both beginners and experienced users can easily navigate and configure the visual to meet their unique reporting needs.

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