Atcerp's HR Analytics Dashboard


Atcerp's HR Analytics Dashboard

Get Personalized Business Insights for your HR.

With Atcerp’s HR Analytics understand your organization’s people needs, achieve your organizational goals and strategize on the go. We help you automate your manual processes and give you a unified experience to better understand your business. You will also be able to make informed strategic and data-driven decisions to attract, manage, and retain employees, which will improve your ROI.

With Atcerp in picture for your Analytics needs, HR analytics will:

  • Bridge the gap between leadership goals and data informed decisioning.

  • Keep you in track with your diversity and inclusivity goals.

  • Strategize to understand what the impact on Attrition.

  • Get an entire overview and understand employee turnover with Employee Overview Analytics.

  • Dig deeper on your employee details, track performance and get the right insights with Employee Details Analytics

  • Understand your training costs and employee feedback data in one place.

  • With leave analytics, understand the overall reason for leaves and how much did it cost you.

  • Unified Reporting gives Visibility across the entire organization.

  • With Artificial intelligence (AI), Emotional sentiment analysis, neural networks and deep learning, help predict the impact on attrition, new hire performance, employee engagement and so much more.

  • Address data security and privacy by customising who can see what in this process.

  • User – friendly and easy to navigate and you can literally type in questions to ask for vital insights.

This end-to-end analytics and reporting solution built on Microsoft Power BI will help you discover useful HR insights for your strategic decision making.

Our application offers affordable options from a do-it-yourself to completely customized solutions.

Click GET IT NOW to install the app and see the working dashboards with sample data or see a demo with your own data.

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