Atcerp's Staffing Solution


A Data Driven solution to give you Deeper Insights into your Staff Augmentation Business.

Empower your Staffing Organization to create more value with Actionable Insights.

Closing staffing requirements in a timely manner is vital to success in today’s competitive market. Are you leveraging data and insights to gain a competitive edge?

Atcerp’s Staffing Analytics is a set of analytical reports and dashboards built on Microsoft Power BI that gives you better insights from your data. It provides a single, unified reporting platform through which all authorized team members can access specific information on individual recruiters and candidates so that you can close more positions and gain more revenue.

Atcerp’s Staffing Analytics empowers your recruiting teams to:

  • Thoroughly analyze and examine all resourcing requirements.
  • Gain valuable insights into repetitive resourcing requirements, understand your strengths and strategize.
  • Get insights into staffing requirements and individual recruiter performance.

    With Atcerp’s Staffing Analytics, your entire organization is equipped with shareable, actionable insights that help illuminate what’s working and what isn’t, and what needs to be prioritized to scale your team’s success.

    Atcerp’s Staffing Analytics is a cloud-based solution based on Microsoft Power BI which makes it easy to manage and is completely secure and reliable.

    Contact us to know more, our consultation is free and we will help you get your data at one place to get you the right insights into your business.

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