Business Central Sapience Pro Trial

Beyond Impact 2.0 LLC

Financial Reporting for Business Central clients.

What is Business Central Sapience?

Business Central Sapience (BC Sapience) offers a quick display of the Business Central data used by those in the accounting and finance departments.

Multiple varieties of income statements that allow for easy selection of accounting periods to be included in the view. The views include both tabular style reports that can be printed as well as visualization of the income statements. The reports make use of General Ledger Account Categories and Account Subcategories to summarize data. Drilldown allows further examination of the underlying account information. The Summary income statement is a tabular report with easy account period selection, by year, quarter, or month.

Sapience Basic also includes a Balance Sheet, with data filtering capability to easy select the desired accounting period, and lists the Assets, Liabilities, and Equity accounts in separate frames.

Analytics include YTD Revenue analysis and Monthly Expense analysis, providing quick and easy inspection of income and expenses in both grid and graphic forms, by selecting desired Account Categories, Account Subcategories, and accounting periods.

All General Ledger accounts within the Chart of Accounts for which General Ledger entries exist automatically appear in the reports. No other action is required when a new General Ledger account is added in order for its transactions to appear in the reports and analytics.

The Pro Trial version restricts GL Entries that are included in the reports based on posting dates. No GL entries past 6/30/2020 are included.

To view more information and resources on how to transform your business intelligence, visit Business Analytics to get started.

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