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Analyze and monitor your ERP PURCHASES data collected with Microsoft NAV or AX.

Columbus LT Built-In Power BI Reports helps to analyze and monitor data collected with Microsoft Dynamics NAV or AX. Designed to be easy to use and manage, they are built on Microsoft SQL Server, to provide you with the necessary analytical, data mining, and reporting capabilities. With ready to use reports we offer our best-practice to help you explore data in PURCHASES business area. Purchases reports help to take decisions related to long-term relationship with vendors and helps to increase negotiation power. For your business insights we offer these reports: Purchase analysis, Comparative purchase analysis, Vendor/Product statics, Purchase returns, Debts to vendors. Columbus LT Power BI reports uses demo data. If you are interested to integrate our solution with your company data, collected with Microsoft Dynamics NAV or AX, please contact senior ERP consultant Edgaras Bencevičius mob.: +370 610 25 924, e-mail:

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