B2B Telecom Sales and Prospecting Dashboard for Schools and Libraries (FCC Form 471)

pateikė Wellesley Cove LLC

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A comprehensive, geographic, dashboard view of telecom contracts for schools and libraries

Get a comprehensive view of telecom contracts and pricing for schools and libraries with this FCC Form 471 dashboard. Access up-to-date information about products, services, providers, contracts, and customers all in one place. Leverage powerful data analysis insights to optimize your contracts and inform sales strategies and prospecting. Empower telecommunications sales representatives with information to help them stay compliant with federal regulations, while also offering competitive pricing to new customers. Stay current with constantly updated information such as contract values, renewal rates, download speeds, product types and more. The dashboard is the perfect tool for comparing and analyzing telecom contracts across all schools, libraries, school districts, consortiums, and library systems in the entire country.

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