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Genetiks, the Talented and Multilingual Chatbot built on Azure (

Genetiks: A Better Customer Service

One of the top benefits of using a Chatbot for your business is providing better customer service for your clients. This includes saving time for your customer support staff and making time for more critical issues. Customer Satisfaction will be at an all-time high with 'always-available' customer support.

Generate and Qualify More Leads with Genetiks

A Chatbot can assist you in filtering your leads by checking each client’s eligibility to apply for a product and determining the unqualified leads, thus preventing you from dealing with time-consuming leads. It will also help you capture prospects through different channels (Facebook, Website, …)

Get 2-Language Support with Genetiks

Genetiks recognizes changes in languages and has the ability to seamlessly switch from one language to the other. Our Chatbot currently supports both English and Arabic.

Genetiks Integrates with your Digital Banking

Genetiks Integrates with your Digital Banking

Through Genetiks, the client can apply for bank accounts, loans and cards, pay bills, transfer money, get account balance.

Guides the Clients to 'Call to Action'

Uses NLP (Natural Language Processing)

NLP is what allows our Chatbot to understand client messages and derive meaning from user text and respond appropriately.

Handles Multiple Clients & Answers FAQs

Genetiks can easily chat with multiple clients at once, in addition to answering Frequently Asked Questions.

Genetiks Flow : Build your Custom Chatbot Conversations

Ask predefined questions / Specify expected answers & multiple options / Add pre-messages and post-messages.

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