Exocare by ActionTracker

pateikė Actiontracker solutions, s.l.

IoT for business. Automate, manage, secure your workforce and machinery in real-time, from anywhere.

***This app is only available in [Spanish]. Soon will be in English.***

Exocare is an IoT solution, developed by ‘Actiontracker Solutions’, which allows you to manage and automate security and worker activities efficiently, accessing information in real time from almost anywhere, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It is a multipurpose platform that works as a comprehensive solution that turns workstations into safe and optimal environments to considerably improve the productivity of your company.

Thanks to Exocare you will be able to connect with your workers through a wearable device or Wearable mobile App and anticipate possible breaches of the security of your organization.

Through our innovative proposal, you will be able to know information in real time about the productivity of your company and thus make immediate decisions, or even predictive ones, to obtain better results..

It Improves the management ofmachinery and its maintenance, capturing data from its sensors (tanks, batteries, hours of use), it allows to avoid collisions between machines. On the other hand, It makes possible to manage time in maintenance of mechanisms capturing data from machinery and workers, and connects them

between them and the cloud, in a bidirectional way, by using the available communications network whether it is Wi-Fi, mobile, low-power network (LPWAN) or satellite.

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